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About us

    Founded in March 2018, The Bra Co aspires to take a different approach to the lingerie industry in terms of both its services and values.

    As a company we hope to promote body acceptance and self love and to create a more positive representation of the female body.

    Through our bra parties, we hope to provide a different, more convenient and fun fitting service which enables our customers to feel 100% comfortable and to be properly fitted into the correct size and style. We have stock of all styles from petite to plus size lingerie.

    We are so excited to have you on board for the journey and hope that you can help us realise our goals.

    Our Mission Statement:

    At The Bra Co we believe that an empowered woman creates enough light to help all those around her shine brighter.

    We pledge to help you all feel more like the beauties you are and to help you all find your perfect bra-ssentials.

    Whilst we know lingerie will not change the world, we believe that the women wearing it will!

    Join us on our journey?

    xoxoThe Bra Co.